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Crf 250 Introduction

One of the most frequently asked questions by new dirt bike riders or people that have never owned a Crf 250 four-stroke motocross machine is “How do I take care of my new bike so it will stay like new?”

First take into consideration, that it depends on what year dirt bike you have or are looking at buying. The Crf 250 like all 250F’s changed vastly from the early years until today, and many of them had issues that needed to be attended to early on.

Although the factory’s had problems in those early days with their new high-performance 250F motocrossers, 2004-2006 were disappointing years for Kawasaki and Suzuki. The KXF/RMZ 250 were thought to be disasters on wheels while the Honda Crf 250 raced forward.

By 2007 though the companies started fixing the quirks with their 250F’s and along with massive performance increases the reliability and longevity of the lites class weapons were also improved dramatically.

If you are looking to get a 250F from 2007-present and are deciding based on reliability, then just pick a color. We prefer red. Really, pretty much all 250’s now are reliable IF, AND ONLY IF, you maintain them properly. Regular routine service on a Crf 250 or any of the 250 thumpers is very crucial and will increase your bikes life and reliability ten fold.

Unless you’re a serious racer or someone who keeps their bike living near the redline, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a minimum of 50 hours on a stock top-end. I usually get at least 100 hours of mostly trail riding with some track days and hare scrambles mixed in. I follow these basic guidelines when servicing my Crf 250 or any other bike.
Crf 250

    Crf 250 Basic Maintenance Schedule

· Air filter needs to be cleaned and oiled every 1-2 rides

· Change your engine oil and filter every 5 hours or so

· Change your transmission oil every 5 hours or so too

· WASH IT! Cleaning your bike makes it last longer (and look better)!

· Chain needs to be cleaned and lubed after every ride

· Lube all cables at least once a month

· All bearings 1-2 times a year should be cleaned, checked, and re-greased

Of course there are a few more things you could and probably should do like check brakes and tire pressure, but taking care of just some of these simple items will give you the pleasure of riding your Crf 250 for a much longer time.

Once you have these key elements down, there is a somewhat major important piece of maintenance that can never be overlooked in order to make sure your Crf 250 stays running with peak performance.

Keeping proper valve clearances is extremely important. Make sure that your valves are checked at least every 10-20 hours depending on how hard you ride. Don’t forget to check your camshaft and timing chain while you have the valve cover off.

Choosing the right bike mostly depends on its history. If you’re buying a new Crf 250 then it’s no big deal, but buying a nice used one can be difficult. A good bike to buy is one that is clean, mostly stock, has low hours, was properly maintained, and the owner isn’t trying to hide anything.

I wish you all good luck, and just try and remember that the maintenance you perform is more important than anything else on your Crf 250 motocross machine!