Crf 250 Cycra Pro Bend Handguards Product Review

Crf 250 Cycra Pro Bend Handguards


We installed a pair of Cycra Pro Bend handguards about 18 months ago on a set of Renthal 7/8″ bars. The installation was fairly easy and the only tricky part is making sure the throttle tube and hand grip doesn’t rub or bind causing it to stick and possibly sending you for an unpleasant and painful dismount. It’s very important to always make sure the throttle snaps back freely and it’s even more important to check it after a crash because the guards can get forced into the throttle tube or grip and you may not notice when you get up and twist it in a panicked frenzy to get going again but then you go to let off and brake into your next corner and it’s too late, you will most likely over shoot and possibly crash again. Another important safety check is to make sure nothing has bent and interfering with your front brake lever. This could cause it to be stuck and not work or possibly lock it up and not allow it to release once you pull it in after a crash. One nice feature of the Pro Bend guards is the bend itself. It’s designed to allow your hands to come off the sides of the bar easier and help avoid them being stuck in between the bar and the guard possibly breaking many different bones from your fingers, wrist, hand, etc.

So now that we’ve covered some of the safety concerns lets talk about how these Cycra Pro Bend handguards actually work and hold up out in the woods. I hate to admit this but i rode a number of years with no hand guards and can’t count how many times I’ve had bloody knuckles under my riding gloves from getting a little too close to mother natures guard rails. These handsguards have become an extension of my safety gear and I’m not sure i would ever ride another bike without some sort of hard metal to bounce off trees instead of my fingers. The alloy seems super strong and protects your hands from impact really well and the thick plastic guards keep them protected from flying roost. After a bunch of crashes (one costing a new set of Renthals) the metal has stayed pretty close to straight and the plastic guards seem very durable and are holding up nicely. What’s nice about these Cycra Pro Bend handguards is the plastic guards can be bought separately and in a variety of different colors i might add and the mounting hardware can also be purchased separately so if you crash and break things you don’t need to buy a whole new set you can just order the parts you need. Overall I’d give these guards an “A” and recommend them to be on any off road bike that doesn’t just live on a motocross track.

These handguards are available for 7/8″ bars and 1-1/8″ bars and come in a variety of colors. Amazon usually has some of the best prices on the web and for your convenience I’ve provided a product link below just in case you want more information or are interested in buying a set. Hope this review helps. Ride hard. Ride safe.

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